An important priority for any successful business as well as for the industry is to identify and connect the people who represent the next generation of leadership.  ASA’s Young Executives (YE) Division is focused on developing the necessary skills and cultivating key relationships that are critical for the next generation of leadership to succeed in the industry.  

“Over the past three years, we have redefined the annual Spring Forum program and made the Young Executives into the fastest growing segment of membership in ASA,” saidChris Fasano, outgoing Chairman of ASA’s Young Execs.  Instrumental to this success has been the generous support from supplier partners, includingBrassCraft Manufacturingfor this year’s event held in late May.  

More than 50 people representing 20 wholesalers, 14 manufacturers and  service vendors, as well as three independent manufacturer representatives attended this year’s event in Fort Worth.Retired USAF Colonel Peter A. Land helped participants understand the concepts and apply the skills required to motivate employees to work collaboratively as well as how they can apply the subtle skills needed to reduce the stress of change while creating an atmosphere of positive ownership for new initiatives and directions. According to Dennis Crump, incoming YE Chairman, “Colonel Land’s presentations were spot-on as the past two years have brought economic stress and uncertain business conditions that many of us are facing for the first time in our professional careers.”  

In addition to sponsoring the welcome reception and providing an insightful industry presentation at dinner, BrassCraft also provided attendees with a tour of its 260,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility located in Lancaster, Texas.Frank Nisonger, ASA President, especially thanked Jim Pletcher, Jeff Jollay, Steve Adams, Jim Bevan, Jack Spruiell, Robert Arista and Paul Graves for all their time and effort. “This year’s program was an overwhelming success because of the extent to which these individuals provided BrassCraft’s tremendous support.”  

Next year’s Spring Forum is scheduled for May 24-26, 2011 in Kohler, Wisconsin.