While attending the CES in Las Vegas, Gregg Marshall found something better than WiFi!

If you are coming to the International Builders Show in Las Vegas later this month, have I found a deal for you!

A lot of the strip hotels have spotty wireless internet (they want you in the casino not surfing the Web) and those that do have Internet charge heftily for it.

The convention center has good WiFi, but again they charge for the privilege. 

Add the two together and your Internet bill will be larger than your food bill.

I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show right now and found a better solution that is somewhat unique to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is one of the few cities withWiMax, a broadband alternative to 4G service (and 4G really hasn’t been introduced yet in the US).

WiMax gives you a theoretical 10 MBs, about the same as a great cable modem connection. I certainly got speeds that felt like my cable connection at home. And it is definitely faster than 3G.

Cheetah, a small company in Las Vegas will rent you a WiMax adapter that plugs into your USB port or your Ethernet connection for what a hotel typically charges.Butyou can carry it around with you and connect almost anywhere in the city.

If you are traveling with a group, and have more than one notebook computer, Cheetah has an option to rent a WiMax adapter with a small WiFi adapter box that gives you a WiFi hot spot anywhere you happen to be. It’s definitely a less expensive option for a show booth.

My cost for the 5 days we are here is about $10 a day for the basic connection.

Cheetah’s support isamazing. We picked up the modem at their offices since we aren’t staying on the strip (they deliver there). By the time we got around to installing it, I noticed my new Windows 7 thin and light computer didn’t like the standard driver. I could have called until 1 am but found an updated driver on-line quickly. When I emailed to add the hot spot adapter, they met me at the hotel where CES press conferences were being held. If I wanted, I could have them pick up the hardware, or you can use the pre-paid FedEx envelope to return it.

This is working so well I know exactly how I’ll be connected to the Internet whenever I visit Las Vegas.

Before you get to Las Vegas, go tohttp://www.Cwti.net/theshowand reserve your own WiMax modem or hotspot. Or call them at 702-243-3824.