If your notebook isn’t helping advertise for your company, you are missing a low cost opportunity.

Gregg’s notebook showing its skin, photo taken with a Photosimile 200 at CES.

When I got my Netbook last year, I read a lot of reviews. Most reviewers mentioned if the Netbook case showed fingerprints. I didn’t realize why until I upgraded last year to a thin and light notebook. It is a fingerprint magnet!

I also don’t understand why one color case should cost any more than any other color, yet most Netbook/notebooks have case options that cost anywhere from $25 to $300 more.

And at several conferences I’ve attended, I’ve seen developers with notebooks covered in stickers from various sponsors, favorite Websites, etc.

Companies like Gelaskins have been selling thin “stickers” that cover the lid of your notebook (or iPod).  But they are generic, artistic covers. More personal, but still not unique.

Recently I discovered a company,Music Skinsthat has skins like many other companies, their most recent being the Beatles. But far more exciting is their option to produce a custom skin with anything you want on it. Imagine having a computer lid that shows off your company whenever you, or your employees, are in public.

It could be solely an advertisement for your company or your products. In my case I chose a nice NASA photograph of a night shuttle launch with my company URL prominently displayed. When I’m at a podium to speak, the audience will see my company URL.

If you don’t have every company laptop covered with something to help promote your products or brands, you arereallymissing an opportunity.

MusicSkins LLC is the leader in music and music-related, high quality, vinyl skin products. They can be reached at: 24 15th St., Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11215, e-mail:info@music-skins.com, Phone: 646-827-4264, Website:http://www.music-skins.com