We interrupt my reporting of technologies from the Consumer Electronics Show for a different viewpoint from my daughter Amanda.

We interrupt my reporting of technologies from the Consumer Electronics Show for a different viewpoint. Daughter Amanda, who just graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in international business, attended CES with me. Believe me, she saw the showmuch differently than I did. Here's her observations - think what her generation will mean to the industry as they start buying houses, remodeling, etc.

Is it Pretty?

My generation likes to express their individuality through their possessions. Their cars, clothes and even their electronics become extensions of their personalities. As such the cosmetic appearance of technology (especially mobile technology) becomes just as important as the technology itself. If the device can’t come in different colors and patterns then it’s important to be able to find a skin to cover the generic black that is common among electronics. This customization will spread into our homes and the possibilities are endless.


No one denies that snail mail is archaic. But could phone calls and email be following suit? Currently most of my communications are through texting or Facebook. Emails are mostly reserved for business and I use an actual phone call only if none of the above is possible. Unlike Dad, who reads lots of magazines, I read mostly on the Internet.

School Sucks: On-Demand Learning

After spending five and a half years getting my bachelors degree I’ve had to take a lot of classes on subjects that I neither need nor remember.  Rather then sitting through hours of classes I don’t need, what I want now are a few resources I can turn to for specific info.

I use Youtube and Web sites to learn about what I need when I need it. Right now specialized information isn't easy to find, so these resources need to be expanded and organized before you can say goodbye to classrooms. But know I'll be Googling your facts while you are lecturing.

Going Green

Since we are much more likely to experience the effects of negative environmental impact, younger generations have embraced the green movement. We are willing to pay more for recycled, earth friendly products. Going green goes beyond the actual products into the packaging and the distribution.

There were interesting alternative ways to generate electricity at the show, would any work for plumbing? And why can't water from my bathroom sink and shower be used for the garden?