President of the ASAEF Board of Trustees Talks ASAU Online

ASAUonline is a Learning Management System (LMS). What does that mean?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based software package that delivers online training to learners and the person in charge of training the ability to manage it. Training administrators have access to easy-to-use tracking, assessment and reporting on the progress of their employees taking training courses.   

What are the advantages to distributors and manufacturers?

The ASA Education Foundation has developed ASAUonline to deliver its programs through this online platform, in quick, but highly interactive modules. The people that we’re hiring today - and the ones we’ve hired over the last five years - are used to getting information from the Internet. Training should be provided to them in the same manner so they can learn in a way they are familiar with and do well using. Offering this option with engaging pieces of training will give distributors and manufacturers a competitive edge over companies not training, or not offering training methods that are successful with their employees.

Also, with access to ASAUonline, companies can take advantage of the training management aspect of this program without incurring the cost of building an LMS on their own. For those that have already secured their own LMS, options are available for importing student information into the company’s LMS or for licensing programs for upload into these specific systems. We’ve looked at almost every scenario companies can face with this system and have tried to make it all easy to use and manage.

What resources are currently available in ASAUonline?

The new3D Residential Schematic©reference tool currently resides in ASAUonline and we have developed two new introductory courses, perfect for new hires, to teach the business of distribution and the PHCP/PVF industry. Additionally, conversion has begun to load ASAEF’s ProductPro® courses into ASAUonline, with theIntroduction to Pipe©module available now.Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution©will be available this fall, withEssentials of Profitable Inside Sales in Distribution©to follow.

We’ve also teamed up with a vendor to offer employee development courses, starting with a track on customer service and another on excelling in communications, with additional offerings to be added every few months.