In April, the ASA Education Foundation introducedEssentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©, authored by Robert Footlik.

In April, the ASA Education Foundation introducedEssentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©, authored byRobert Footlik. It is the fourth course in the popular series of comprehensive training programs written exclusively for the wholesale distribution channel.

The new course consists of a 190-page manual divided into nine chapters, each with a quiz to test knowledge retention, as well as an appendix and substantial glossary for ongoing reference. The chapters of the book include:
  • Overview of Wholesale Distribution Operations
  • Working Together as a Team
  • How Warehouses Manage Risk
  • How a Warehouse Works
  • Importance of Inventory in a Profitable Operation
  • Warehouse Profitability Begins with Flawless Receiving
  • How Orders are Picked and Packed
  • Loading and Shipping Operations
  • Putting Your New Knowledge to Work

    Early reviews are in and are excellent:

    "This next generation of the Essentials series, the Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©, is a great tool for all levels of the supply business. It serves as a learning source for new employees and an all-inclusive refresher for the industry veteran. The nine chapters emphasize safety and continuous improvement of your warehouse operations while encouraging teamwork and career advancement.  This series includes some handy checklists for employees which promote learning and improving while keeping the company profitability a priority. Eliminating inefficiencies and errors saves time, money and customers. In this uncertain economic climate, all of these are key factors for survival."
    CALVIN GROUT, WinWholesale

    "Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations© contains the basic necessities for any warehouse operation administered by the professional manager who puts safety and teamwork first in his daily performance. Profitability happens automatically when one adheres to the principles presented herein."
    JIM KENT, Chicago Tube and Iron

    "This training tool, Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©, brings to light standard operating procedures and best practices for a supply house. Each chapter is filled with information and a checklist for ways to advance a single employee or an entire warehouse operation in maintaining or improving its profitability."
    JIM FULLER, Coburn Supply Company

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