The second edition of the groundbreakingEssentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution© certificate course is now available from the ASA Education Foundation. The new edition, at 190 pages, is almost twice the size of the original publication, and includes updated graphics, illustrations and photos to enhance its content. Additional changes include:
  • A new chapter dedicated to cash flow and what the employee can do in his/her day-to-day activities to improve it
  • Updated information on the role of manufacturers’ reps
  • Statistical data reflects the results of ASA’s 2007 Operating Performance Report
  • Expanded coverage of how some typical pricing strategies negatively impact the bottom line.
    To help wholesaler employees understand a wholesaler’s business goals and align their behavior and performance with those goals, the Essentials course offers easy-to-read text and a variety of exercises to bring home its lessons. Eleven chapters comprise the course, including:
  • How Wholesaler-Distributors Make Money
  • Ways to Increase Profit
  • Cash Flow and Financial Reporting
  • Pricing – An All-Important Business Strategy
  • How Pricing Decisions Impact the Bottom Line
  • Developing and Improving Customer Relationships           
    In keeping with the traits characterizing its most popular brand, the Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution© course includes not only the 190-page coursebook, but also end-of-chapter quizzes, an extensive industry glossary and index, as well as a final exam and ultimate Certificate of Completion. 

    “Many of our members, including both wholesalers and manufacturers, use the Essentials brand of courses as the benchmark to train their employees about business in this industry,” said Inge Calderon, executive director of the ASA Education Foundation. “We’re constantly working to provide training tools and educational opportunities that boost our members’ productivity and profitability, and the new, 2nd edition of this Essentials course hits those marks on the bullseye,” she continued.

      For information about this course or any of the Education Foundation’s business and product knowledge training programs, visit or call 312-464-0090.