Best Wishes To Castle Supply's Joe White And Bob Cardwell

I would like to honor two people: Joe White, past owner and president, Castle Supply Co. in Florida and Bob Cardwell, past president and most recently manager of Ferguson and Castle in the Tampa region. They have had a tremendous impact on our industry.Supply House Timesnamed Castle Supply its Wholesaler of the Year in 2005.

Joe White sold Castle Supply to Wolseley North America in October 2006. He was tough but fair to deal with, but also a truly exceptional  person, both for his employees and the community.

Bob Cardwell worked for Joe, Castle Supply, and most recently, Ferguson, for a total of 28 years. I became friends with him when he managed Joe White’s Daytona location. Bob was also tough but fair and a shrewd businessman. He has announced that he is retiring in July 2009.

The remaining associates at Castle face a bright future with Wolseley and Ferguson. Because of the willingness of Joe White and Bob Cardwell to share their business savvy, we’ll all be that much more valuable to our new company.

All of the Castle associates wish Joe White and Bob Cardwell the very best in retirement. And THANK YOU both for affording us the opportunities to work with and learn from you. Everyone who has worked for Joe White and Bob Cardwell has become a better person, both professionally and personally.

Dan Lutz
Wolseley/Ferguson Tampa Region
Pinellas Park, FL