Watch for these trends as they manifest themselves in decorative plumbing fixtures.

One of the very first tasks that was given to me as the new Director of Marketing for DECOLAV was to research and develop a forecast for the home trends of 2009. Here is what I found with details about the driving forces behind them.

1. Unique Personal Style.One loveable thing about this trend is that it will never be out of style – it is solely based on what you think is cool. Whether you’re mixing and matching patterns, colors or even furniture from different time periods your eclectic taste will always be in style.

2. Earth Is In.Social responsibility is the driving force behind this trend. People are looking for their version of affordable luxury but are also keeping Mother Earth in the back of their minds. The consumer market is going to be seeing more luxurious earth friendly, organic furniture designs and collections.

3. Hospitality In The Home.We are seeing more and more custom vanities in magazines, on the Internet and in interior design contests. Home is starting to mimic the hotel. With the economy keeping people at home and the housing market keeping them from moving we are going to see more and more of the hotel experience happening in the home.

4. Multicultural Influence.A lot of designers are saying that “Asian” is going to make a comeback. I believe it’s going to go one step further; I say that it’s not going to be limited to just one culture. DECOLAV feels there will be a multi-cultural influence taking place. We will see more styles from India, South America and even the Middle East.

5. Patterns.Patterns have been hot now for about the last three years. From striking black and white patterns to beautiful organics you can see them on almost anything these days and the bathroom is no exception. From countertops to wall paper, and even on some objects like lavatories they will be in high demand.

6. Transitional Furniture.Where classic meets contemporary is the place to be when planning the budget of your next remodel. Although many people are huge fans of the ultra contemporary look, a lot of times it either doesn’t go with the rest of their home or they are afraid it will date fast. Choosing transitional products for your home will give it a contemporary flare while still meshing with the classic looks you’ve built up over the years.

7. Clever Storage.When people purchase new products, many are attracted by the “bells & whistles” – the home is no different. Living the hectic lifestyle that most people do, we as consumers are always looking for the cool new gadgets or gismos that will shave a couple of minutes off our day. When it comes to the bathroom, storage can do just that. Many products allow customers to organize items so that they can find them faster in the morning. By adding hidden storage drawers and unique features things that serve double purposes we are giving our customers the “cool” factor they are looking for and the storage they require.