Washington, D.C. will host NetworkASA 2009: POWER

ASA is pleased to announce its 2009 annual meeting – NetworkASA 2009: POWER.  It will take place October 14 – 17, 2009 at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, D.C.

NetworkASA 2009 will mark the first time since 2004 that ASA’s annual convention will be a solo association event.  The meeting will exhibit a renewed focus on the impact ASA has on the industry and the individual businesses of its members.  Attendees will also see seminars from prominent speakers co-mingled with intimate workshops that encourage a free-flow sharing of information and best practices.

“In choosing the theme, we wanted to remind our members about the power they hold individually and collectively, and how to apply those principles of power that can get them what they want,” shared Mike Adelizzi, ASA’s executive vice president.  “There are many areas, whether it’s knowledge, insight, sales or something else, that give them the power to be competitive and successful.  Our agenda will help them recognize the areas where they already have strength and discover new elements that can be applied where there is need for improvement.  Most importantly, the 2009 program will give them the market trends that members need to know about that they can’t get any place else, in order for them to compete successfully.”

Taking advantage of the location, attendees of NetworkASA 2009 will participate inface-to-face meetings with their legislators and receive legislative briefings on Capitol Hill.  “Not only will attendees be able to get market information that they just can’t get any place else, but they will have a unique opportunity to impact the future through personal meetings with their elected leaders that the association will be scheduling for every attendee,” continued Adelizzi.  “Nothing can impact a wholesaler or manufacturers business faster than government intervention, talking in person with the people who make decisions that impact their businesses is a proactive way to secure your future.  This is a new feature of our annual meeting and we’re pleased to be able to offer this benefit to everyone involved.”

ASA also will introduce theIndustry Interchange, an innovative and exciting event that will replace the traditional industry trade show and conference booth format.  “For a few years now, we’ve heard dissatisfaction about industry trade shows,“ said Adelizzi.  “Our Vendor Member Division (VMD) came out strongly this year in favor of developing a new way to connect with their customers and the Industry Interchange is it.  What the Industry Interchange allows us to do is choose a theme and a format, hold the event and then have the option of redesigning the whole thing the next year.  We aren’t pigeon-holed into just a trade show, or just a conference booth program.  This allows the VMD to react in a responsive way to changing needs and desires as to how vendors and their customers best connect.  We’re very excited about this event and the potential it has to stay innovative for years to come.”

For registration and sponsorship information, please contact ASA at 312.464.0090 orinfo@asa.net.