Need to set up a conference call and can’t even figure out how to add a third person to a call, much less have 10 people on the same call?

Don’t want to pay monthly fees and/or 10+ cents a minute for conference calls?

There are free alternatives. One I’ve been using for several years is

You go to their Web site and register for a free account. They send you an email with a call-in telephone number and a conference call code. 

You email those to the group you want to talk to with the date and time. Everyone dials the telephone number and at the prompt enters the conference call code. Voila, everyone is on a conference call.

And you can even record the call (for free).

Where’s the catch? The telephone number everyone calls is a toll number (e.g. a long distance call). I’ve only had one person notice/care. Most people have unlimited long distance or pay less than 3 cents a minute, so it really isn’t that much a cost.

You can’t beat the price, or the ease of use.