IAPMO Executive Director Russ Chaney stands at the dais. Seated (L to R) World Plumbing Council Chairman and co-convener of the symposium George Bliss; panelists Bob Miodonski (PM Engineer magazine) and Kamal Khokhani (Akar Info Media).

Speakers and participants at the International Emerging Technology Symposium co-convened by IAPMO and the World Plumbing Council on Aug. 19-20 in Chicago presented future solutions to today’s challenges within the manufacturing, engineering and trade industries as they pertain to water and energy conservation, sanitation and health, renewable energies and the sustainability of the environment. The international panel shared ideas and compared experiences based upon differing geographic and economic concerns.

“As I look at it, it’s one thing for policy makers in Washington, DC, to talk about the challenges of water quantity and water quality,” said Stephen L. Johnson, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the keynote speaker. “It’s a whole different thing to have the leaders of both manufacturers and the actual installers taking hold and wanting to commit to these new technologies - new technologies that are good for the consumer, good for the environment and good for our economy.”

A series of Webinars archiving the symposium will soon be available for viewing online atwww.iapmo.org.

Visitwww.iapmovideos.comto watch interviews with participants, organizers and panelists conducted during the event.