The ASA Training Council kicked off the first in a series of webinars on subjects relating to the theme, “Train-the-Trainer.” Over 15 member companies participated inPart 1, with multiple individuals from each company joining in the learning session.

The webinar, run by James Hale, founder of Path Choices, covered techniques that he callsThe 8 Fun and Simple Tools to Transfer Learning. The webinar focused on new ways to train in a difficult economy as well as in a challenging learning environment - where putting training ideas into action is easier said then done.

“The Council decided on the webinar format for this series, believing it would allow more companies to participate if they didn’t have to send their trainers - who often have other job responsibilities within the company - away for several days and incur the expense of travel,” shares Ruth Mitchell, ASA’s liaison for the Professional Peer Networking Councils.  “Ultimately the goal for the Training Council is to be a resource for trainers across the country to discover new and cost-effective ways to educate employees. This introduction to webinars has a two-fold benefit through the information they learn and the experience of using a webinar to successfully train, something they can implement in their own programs.” The Council found that through the webinar, multiple people from the same company were able to participate, increasing the value of the program for the company.

The council is continuing withPart 2of the Train-the-Trainer series in November.  For more information please check out the Networking Councils page onwww.asa.netor contact Ruth Mitchell atruth@asa.netor 312.464.0090 ext. 210.