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Colin Perry

NAME:  Colin Perry 

TITLE:  President

COMPANY:   Rampart Supply


SIZE OF COMPANY:   3 locations

GEOGRAPHIC TERRITORY:   Colorado for plumbing – national and international for PVF


WHO IN OUR COMPANY IS TRAINED: Every staff member receives training. The longer they are with the company the more training they receive. Training never stops.

IS TRAINING A REQUIREMENT FOR EMPLOYEES?:   Yes. Beyond the initial training to allow them to function in their job, the branch manager in Denver and myself in Colorado Springs personally conduct “orientation” meetings for new staff members a couple of times a year. These orientation classes utilize the ASAEssentialscourse as a foundation and then we introduce Rampart’s unique characteristics and philosophies where appropriate. Future training can be general in nature (how a wholesaler makes money and brings value) to more job and product specific. Training consists of a combination of in-house and outside, and utilizes staff members, industry people and professional trainers depending on the subject being taught.

#1 BENEFIT OF TRAINING: The more training a person gets the more likely they are to see the big picture – it’s exciting to see a staff member begin to understand what it really takes to make a business work.

I REALIZED TRAINING WORKS WHEN: Several years ago we had a staff member in counter sales. He could not find a $300 valve the computer said we had. As well as potentially missing the sale, this person had just completed the Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution course, and understood the “cost” of inventory shrinkage. He told me “I’m going to keep looking – we’ll have to sell over $10,000 of product to make up for that lost valve.” Prior to theEssentialsclass, other than the disappointment in losing the sale, the cost of the valve would likely have not even been a consideration. He found the valve.

BEST COMMENT HEARD FROM AN EMPLOYEE ABOUT TRAINING: The most common comments are an expression of appreciation for taking the time, money and effort to share knowledge with them and make them better staff members. Employees understand and appreciate it when you invest in them!

ASAEF TRAINING PROGRAMS USED: ProductProcourses for a product training base.Essentials of Profitable Distributionfor all staff.Essentials of Inside Salesfor sales staff.

FAVORITE ASAEF TRAINING PROGRAM: Essentials of Profitable Distribution

FAVORITE BUSINESS QUOTE: Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time but always time to do it over?