Wholesalers meet in Texas to address industry issues.

On Wednesday, February 27, wholesalers from Region 3 (Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana) met with representatives of the American Supply Association to discuss issues facing the PHCP/PVF industry and how by joining together, the industry could most affectively impact those issues.  The group discussed issues such as the lack of an educated labor force, government intervention and consolidation and how wholesalers could deal with these issues. The group also discussed the impact to the industry when the Western Distributors Association (WDA) disbanded leaving a networking void for wholesalers throughout the region.

Having access to expanded educational opportunities on the local level was just one area that the group agreed could help wholesalers cope with a turbulent market place.  ASA is offering numerous educational programs in Dallas starting with its Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales (May 22 in Dallas) and Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales (May 21 in Dallas), in answer to the group’s need for expanding sales opportunities. In addition, ASA will be bringing other networking opportunities such as the highly successful Professional Peer Networking Councils later in the year to provide profitable networking opportunities for wholesalers throughout the region.

For more information about programs in Region 3, call the ASA Headquarters at 312-464-0090.