During 2007, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC is celebrating its 75th anniversary and launching a national search for plumbing contracting firms who have reached or exceeded the same 75-year milestone. Gerber plans to honor these firms as part of its “75 Years of Professional Performance” campaign and as a gesture of gratitude to the entire plumbing trade.

“My grandfather would have wanted us to celebrate our own momentous achievements side by side with those plumbers achieving the same impressive mark, especially because he built the company on relationships with loyalty to plumbing contractors and wholesalers,” said Ila Lewis, chairman of the board and granddaughter of company founder Max Gerber. Gerber is asking all plumbing contracting firms that have been in business for 75 years or more to participate in the campaign, regardless of whether they have ever been Gerber users. Eligible firms can complete a brief entry form at www.gerber75years.com between May 15 and Sept. 15, 2007, or fill out a printed entry form available from their nearest Gerber wholesaler or rep.

Every plumbing contracting firm that submits company information will be contacted by Gerber for additional facts, interesting anecdotes, photos and/or other information.

Non-eligible plumbing contracting firms, wholesalers, sales personnel and others are encouraged to refer any plumbing contractors they know who meet the 75 years in business criteria. If that plumbing contracting firm wins a prize during the sweepstakes, the first person who referred them also wins a $250 gift card.

All plumbing contracting firms participating in the campaign will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize of $2,500 in Gerber product purchased through a Gerber wholesaler. They will also be featured in a national press announcement to all trade publications, including a photo of the $2,500 check presentation. Five additional prizes of $250 in Gerber product will be awarded to participating contractors.

All “75-Year” plumbing contracting firms that enter will receive a commemorative gift from Gerber. In addition, Gerber will send a press release to newspapers and other media outlets in each company’s hometown to generate positive local publicity.

For more information, call 630-754-0278 or visit www.gerberonline.com.