During the month of October, the Foundation offered free online training to introduce its newE-Learning Centeronwww.asaef.org. During that free trial, more than 400 wholesale distributor employees enrolled inProductPro,EssentialsandCustomer Servicecourses, took quizzes, passed exams and earned Certificates of Completion. TheE-Learning Centeris now fully operable with five Foundation-developed courses as well as access to over 100 other business courses through the National Association of Manufacturers’ Virtual University.

Companies who wish to purchase multiple courses can receive special manager/ trainer access that will allow them to monitor their students’ progress and download program results to their own data base.

Over the next several months, the Foundation will add several additionalProductProcourses to theE-Learning Centerand we’ll expand access to other training providers. This will enable ASA members to provide a complete curriculum for their employees.