ICOR International introduced its new training program, “Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration - Retrofit Considerations,” at the April meeting of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) chapter in Indianapolis, where the company is based. Thirty-five members and guests attended the presentation, which focused on performing a retrofit from an HCFC to a HFC refrigerant. Some of the subjects included Governmental Compliance, Refrigerant Options, System Lubricants and Systems Controls.

The training seminar is a two-hour NATE accredited course, which applies to the NATE continuing education program. Each ICOR training program attendee receives a Certificate of Completion. For dates and locations of training sessions visit ICOR's Web site at www.icorinternational.com or call 800-497-6805.

In other news, the company introduced the non-ozone depleting (HFC) refrigerant, NU-22BTM. ASHRAE designated R-22B, the nontoxic and nonflammable refrigerant is compatible with MO, AB and POE oils, and is packaged in 25-lb. disposable and bulk cylinders. NU-22B is being used to replace R-22 in both residential and industrial applications.