In the last issue of ASA News, we introduced you to the three strategies that will be driving Joel Becker’s year as ASA President.  One of which was “putting the pedal to the metal” when introducing new educational programs and tools. 

  Our roadmap for the programs the ASAEF develops on its own, or finds and can provide access to, is the ASA Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit.

  The kit consists of a collection of 21 job descriptions, a performance evaluation system and a new employee orientation program in book and on a CD that allows you to customize each program for your employees.

  These 21 job descriptions include a training matrix that identifies training programs that provide many of the knowledge and skills necessary to perform these jobs.

  The ASAEF is currently researching the job requirements and all the additional knowledge and skills necessary to perform the 21 jobs.  These requirements will guide new program development as well seeking other credible sources of training. As an example, the Foundation will continue developing programs like the recently released Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales in Distribution, while at the same time delivering access to sources of other required skills, such as OSHA safety training or Microsoft office requirements. The end result is a “one-stop shopping” opportunity for all a company’s job-driven training needs.

  The Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit and many of the training programs are already available at

For more information on this and all of the ASA Education Foundation’s programs, please visit, or contact Paul Martin, Executive Vice President, ASAEF at or 312-464-0090 ext.204.