Job Descriptions Tool Kit

Training and education are key strategies in engaging your workforce in more profitable behaviors. However, you need to leverage your training efforts with other tools that impact job performance. Job descriptions tell employees what they are expected to do and accomplish. A structured evaluation system tells them what duties are most important, how they are doing and how to improve. A well-thought-out orientation program quickly integrates them into your performance team and increases their effectiveness.

That's why the Foundation developed a new Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit that provides guidelines on developing job descriptions, performance evaluations and new employee orientations. The Tool Kit component provides 21 sample job descriptions, templates for performance evaluations and templates and checklists for new employee orientations. Most importantly, these 'tools” are provided in a simple Microsoft Word format that can be easily overwritten, filled in or printed out. The Tool Kit can save dozens of hours of work and thousands of dollars over the cost of starting from scratch. Recommendations for training are also included for each job.