It's hard to sell a car by describing how it looks, how comfortable the interior is, and how fast it can go. That's why they have showrooms and why you can take test drives. Amazon quickly discovered that they could sell more books by providing shoppers with a peek inside. So, too, it's hard for ASA to sell you on the quality and benefits of our training programs without giving you the benefit of a similar peek, or “test drive.”

Therefore we're going to use this space to provide some very “meaty” excerpts from our top-notch educational programs that are created exclusively for the plumbing and industrial PVF industries. They'll demonstrate how much content and value is in these tools, and get you thinking about how your company can put them to good use. You can also view sample pages of all the new products we develop on the Foundation website at www.asaef.org.

Take a look at the excerpt in this issue, which is from our brand-new “Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit.” The Kit contains the following:

  • 21 sample job descriptions for PHCP/PVF wholesalers

  • Recommended training curriculum for each job description

  • Comprehensive guide to performance evaluations

  • How-to guidelines and checklists for new employee orientations

  • a CD with all templates in Word format for company customization

    The “Tool Kit” sells for $129 for ASA members, $169 for non-members, and can be ordered at www.asaef.org or call the Education Foundation at 312-464-0090.