Columbia Pipe

Jack Fink, corporate product manager of Chicago's Columbia Pipe & Supply won the first ever “MVP” Award for the PVF Division of Affiliated Distributors. The new award goes to an individual at the grassroots level who personifies leadership qualities. “Jack is our key liaison between Columbia Pipe and our suppliers, and pushes to make A-D better for the group at large, rather than only Columbia's interests,” said Columbia President Tim Arenberg.

Other award winners were:

  • Columbia Pipe & Supply was named A-D's Affiliate of the Year, Performance, an honor given to companies.

  • Affiliate of the Year, Leadership, an award given to individuals, was Gary Cartright of Houston's Piping and Equipment.

  • Supplier of the Year, Performance: Wheatland Tube Co.

Wheatland Tube Co.
  • Supplier of the Year, Leadership: John Martin of Anvil International.

  • Best A-D Exclusive Program: Ward Manufacturing.

  • Best Conversion to an A-D Supplier: Yeager Supply & Anvil International.

A-D is composed of more than 350 independent distributor companies with over 5,000 locations, doing more than $19 billion in annual sales.