Hurricane Ivan passed through Mobile, Ala., early on the morning of Sept. 16 without significantly affecting IPSCO's Alabama steel mill.

The Mobile Steelworks did not experience flooding or damage and was physically ready to resume production. After an initial assessment by its safety and engineering crew, the company said the plant's structural integrity remained intact and any damage caused by the high winds was external, limited to fallen trees and other landscape and aesthetic concerns.

While IPSCO had uninterrupted electrical power throughout the storm, it was working with its natural gas supplier and with the railroads to resume normal operations, and with its employees, most of whom had evacuated the area, to safely return to work. The facility was up and running only three days after the hurricane passed.

The company said in a statement, “While we are relieved that we were not seriously affected by Ivan, we are sorry for all of those that were, and will work with the authorities to offer whatever help we can.” For more information, visit