Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc. (EISI), an industrial PVF distributor with six facilities in the Southeast, is a company committed to much more than turning a profit. Motivated by the religious faith of its leader and associates, the company formed the “EISI Cares Program” in 2002 to bring about positive changes in people's lives both near and far.

One recent project of EISI Cares has been to organize care packages for U.S. troops in Iraq. Associates of EISI packaged and sent more than 400 goodies bags, plus other supplies, to soldiers sharing a house in Trekit, Iraq. The special packages were also shared by the soldiers with families in neighboring communities.

“My whole family got involved with the packing,” said project coordinator Vick Coker. “They enjoyed helping with the project from shopping, packing, and the final send-off.”

Another EISI Cares initiative was to facilitate a discussion among EISI associates about the book, A Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren. Every Monday during the lunch hour, 18 associates working at the home office and distribution facility in Greenville, S.C., gather to discuss the answer to one of life's most important questions, “What on earth am I here for?” Participants agree to read one chapter of the book each day and gather each week for a video presentation and discussion session. Leading the sessions is a local minister, Rev. David Kay, who volunteered to lead the initiative. “This is a great tool to bring spirituality into corporate America,” said Rev. Kay.

EISI Cares also assists a pro-life organization called LifeEd, which attempts to teach the value of life and reach out to those in need through crisis pregnancy centers. In February 2004, EISI collected change from its employees to assist in supporting the production of a pro-life commercial campaign called “Time for Change.”

“These commercials have had tremendous success in other parts of the country,” said EISI President Kip Miller. “The Colorado abortion rate has decreased by twenty-three percent within one year of airing these commercials.”

Other initiatives undertaken by EISI Cares include:

-- Funding a family life/marriage seminar for all associates.

-- Hosting an EISI Associate Appreciation Day.

-- Supporting the Market Places Ministries Chaplain Program.

-- Supporting the Piedmont Women's Center and Child Evangelism Fellowship.

-- Supporting Teleios Ministries, Kingdom Way Co.

-- Sponsoring community blood donations (more than 100 pints to date).

-- Purchasing defibrillators at each company location.

EISI was founded in 1980. Kip Miller began as the company's first sales trainee six months after its formation, and in 1985 began serving as its vice president and sales manager. Two years later, Miller exercised a stock option agreement and took over the helm. In addition to Greenville headquarters, the company has grown to five branch locations in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.