NAW & Pembroke Consulting will release an all-new edition of “Facing The Forces Of Change” in March 2004. The new report, which carries the tagline “The Road To Opportunity,” provides strategic insights into key trends impacting the wholesale distribution supply chain through 2008. It also covers industry demographics, four major trends impacting wholesaler-distributors, competitive threats to distributors, supply chain technology, sales force issues, manufacturer relations, and more. For information, visit the Web site of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors at or call 202-872-0885.

In other news, Pembroke Consulting and wrote a new study for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors titled, “NAW Economic Forecast 2004,” that predicts a favorable outlook ahead for wholesale distribution companies in the Midwest. Wholesale distributors in the Midwest will outpace the 2004 national forecast for revenue growth by wholesale distribution companies, which is 5.6%. For example, among wholesale distribution companies in the Midwest, Illinois will lead in revenue growth at 6.5% followed by Wisconsin at 6.2%. Among the region's wholesale distributors, Michigan and Wisconsin will lead in employment growth at 1.4%, followed by Ohio at 1.3%, Illinois at 1.2%, and Indiana at 1.1%. According to Pembroke Consulting's regional analysis, there are about 67,000 locations involved with wholesale distribution in the Midwest which employ more than 850,000 people in jobs ranging from sales and office workers to truckers and warehouse workers. The study is available for purchase at or by calling 202-872-0885.