With the amount of press and hype recently going around concerning the move by ISH North America to go every-other-year, it's easy to see how some people might misunderstand and assume that ASA's Annual Meeting (also known as “Convention”) has also changed its schedule. However, that is NOT the case.

The American Supply Association's Convention is an important event in the annual calendar of the association. It routinely offers our members the opportunity to get together for valuable educational programs, business sessions, and some great social activities. We will continue to hold the ASA Convention (which includes the annual meeting of our membership) every year.

During the even-numbered years (starting in 2004), the ASA Convention will be held in conjunction with ISH North America (usually starting 1 or 2 days before the show opens). In odd-numbered years, ASA, PHCC, RPA and other related associations will combine efforts for a new event that'll center on education and training. Manufacturers will be encouraged to participate in a one-day conference booth (table-top) program, which will be surrounded by optional programs of interest to all disciplines in the industry. Details for the program that'll make its debut in '05 are still being developed but will be announced in the near future.