Perhaps one of the most significant challenges ASA faces in serving its members is ongoing communication with its members about our programs, services and information that help the industry protect its profitability. ASA, the Center for Advancing Technology and the ASA Education Foundation provide valuable information through:

ASA pages in Supply House Times

ASA Quarterly newsletter

Washington Update e-letter

Trainers' Forum e-letter

Regional newsletters

Special promotional pieces on how to make your business more profitable.

Unfortunately, much of this information gets ignored when it first arrives or buried in the tsunami of paper that overwhelms the desks of owners and managers. Then, when the distributor has difficulty trying to find much needed information about a recent rule change or wants to get some sales or product training for a new employee, s/he starts to wonder about the value of the ASA membership.

Fortunately much of the help and information you need is readily available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to anyone with access to the Internet. The ASA websites provide an incredible array of information, education opportunities and technical assistance. More and more leading wholesaler/distributors are making and their “go to” place when looking for information, education and assistance. Here are just a few of the questions that occur daily and how the ASA websites offer solutions.

Q: I am looking for some sales training for my outside and inside sales staff? When is the ASA convention? Where and when can I attend an Essentials of Profitable Distribution pilot?

A: Click on the calendar button at the top of to view industry related training seminars. For example, complete details and links to discounted registration for several of Dave Kahle's Top Gun Sales Seminars will be offered in multiple locations this fall.

Q: Our customer service is slipping. Where can I find a short, inexpensive program that will get my employees thinking in terms of the customers rather than just their jobs?

A: Click on sales and customer service programs under the Training Center banner on to learn about the Foundation's new, concise (40 page) program on customer service. A complete description of the course, several sample pages, a free leader's sheet and the ability to order on line are all available.

Q: We need to organize our training efforts. Can you help?

A: Click on Marketing and Management Tools under the training center banner on Right at the top you will find a FREE downloadable Training Planner that will get you started.

Q: We are always arguing about how well our supply house is doing vs. the industry in general! Can you help us find out how our numbers compare with the rest of the industry?

A: Click on Marketing and Management Tools under the Training Center banner on and select 2003 Operating Performance Report for information on how to obtain a thorough and accurate analysis of all the critical numbers of our industry's average and high profit performers. You can also pick up an Employee Compensation Report that will provide national and regional compensation and benefit statistics for our industry.

Q: We sell mostly Industrial PVF products. Can you put me in touch with colleagues who focus mostly on Industrial segments?

A: Click on Special Interests on to learn more about the Industrial Piping Division. A form to join the IPD is included. Under special interests, you can also learn more about and join the Vendor Member Division and the Young Executives Division.

Q: I am interested in planning a trip to the ASA convention this fall. Where can I get the details on the convention?

A: Click on Meetings and Events on to view detailed Convention information and download convention registration and housing forms. Convention registration will also be available on-line. Information on the ISH-NA trade show is just a mouse click away from the registration page.

Q: We need to streamline our price sheet, on-line catalogue and bid submittal procedures. We waste too many hours per month on these procedures. What can you do to help me set up a workable system and train my staff?

A: Click on the Technology button on either or to reach the Center for Advancing Technology and learn how to reduce operational costs through better data management by using the Industry Data Base. Links to free online seminars for your employees are available on the same page.

There is a lot more information available on the ASA sites, but the above information should convince you that regular visits to the websites can provide valuable information. When you are looking for key information, go to ASA first.