Moen learned in an Internet survey of homeowners that standard faucet owners (71% of all faucet users) are more likely than high-arc and pullout faucet users to have issues with their faucet. Among standard faucet users, nearly 40% felt the faucet was “not high enough to fill large items” (as compared to low single-digit percentages for high-arc and pullout owners); almost the same percentage of standard faucet users considered their faucet “unattractive” (again, compared to low single-digit figures from high-arc and pullout owners).

Owners of all faucet types cited “difficulty cleaning the area where the sink meets the countertop.” Some problems around the kitchen sink were reported as “frequently occurring” and “highly irritating,” regardless of the faucet type used, such as: too little water pressure, getting the right temperature (hot or cold) instantly, keeping the faucet and the area around the sink clean, faucets that leak/drip and large items take too long to fill, Moen reported.