D. A. Fehr Inc., based in Friedensburg, Pa., a family-owned and operated manufacturers representative and industrial plumbing supply business, will implement an advanced order processing system to streamline the supply chain. The ORION ERP II solution from ICICI Infotech Inc., a global technology solutions company, will process 100-plus orders a day from an inventory of more than 8,000 different items with increased accuracy and efficiency. Orion’s reporting capabilities will also enable better inventory control and increase sales analysis. Orion is being fully customized to fit D. A. Fehr’s business processes with no external additions required, integrating D. A. Fehr’s legacy systems and databases. D. A. Fehr also plans to introduce use of bar codes into the warehouse, which is supported by the Orion software. “Our industry is rapidly moving towards e-commerce as the preferred method of doing business, and Orion will mean D. A. Fehr can take advantage of the new electronic marketplace when our customers are ready,” said Pauline Fehr, secretary-treasurer of D. A. Fehr. “Orion provides a true B-to-B e-commerce solution that will benefit our customers, vendors and employees while increasing company profits.” D.A. Fehr, in business since 1965, has four warehouses serving eleven Mid-Atlantic States, with additional nationwide and international import and export. The company represents plumbing fitting, plumbing fixture, and plumbing manufacturers. Its product lines include pipe, valves and fittings, fixtures, pumps, tanks and plumbing supplies. In addition to its headquarters, the company has warehouses in Syracuse, N.Y., Sanford, N.C., and Ashland, Va. For more information on ICICI Infotech, visit www.icici-infotech.com/us/.