HAGO Manufacturing said it is the first equipment supplier to the oilheat industry to introduce and qualify a Web site training exam to be accredited by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). Applicants who successfully complete the exam are awarded a continuing education credit (NORA CEU) toward technical certification.

The first in this planned series of online exams poses technical questions regarding identity, use and application of burner nozzles. The exam is appropriate for any oilheat technician or personnel seeking to earn CEUs to be applied toward Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition status within the nationwide NORA Oilheat program. The exam is generic in nature and is not specific to HAGO nozzles. There is no prerequisite for taking the exam, though prior study via the NORA Oilheat Technician's Manual and/or a guide to nozzles, such as the one published by HAGO, is advisable.

The NORA Certification Program was established two years ago as a means of recognizing the experience and technical expertise acquired by oilheat service personnel in the field. Courses to earn CEUs are conducted by a number of oilheat training schools and manufacturers within the industry at low- or no-cost. For more information, visit www.noraed.org and www.hagonozzles.com. <<