The Foundation is co-sponsoring an audio/web conference on Tuesday, March 18th from 12-1:30 p.m. (EST) on "The Future of the Distributor Sales Force." The session, led by noted sales expert

Dave Kahle, follows a virtual seminar format that can be presented to an unlimited number of people in the comfort of your own office. This live training session will include visuals delivered via the Internet and audio via the telephone. Participating sites will also receive a hard copy of the visuals.

Participants will learn why the traditional sales model is no longer effective, five traits that will characterize future distributor sales people, the three different types of salespeople required for future success, four initiatives to transform your sales force and seven steps to take to change the behavior of your experienced salespeople.

Registration for ASA members is only $149, which means you can train 10 people with one of the industry's top trainers for less than $15 each!

To register go to Or, you can register by calling KRM at 800-775-7654 and refer to seminar AEA 7519-0. Contact Paul Martin at for more information.