The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) board of directors unanimously voted to issue a resolution emphasizing the importance of manufacturer-provided net pricing and enriched product data, including photos, in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW2). The NAED Board encourages manufacturers to deliver this data to the industry-owned database, administered by the Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA), to enable NAED distributors to sell more products and drive cost out of the supply chain.

The IDW2 is a centralized data repository of electrical manufacturer-managed product, pricing and supply chain data. Net price is the absolute lowest price that the distributor pays for a product that goes into stock. It does not include special or job-specific prices. With the launch of its latest version, the IDW2 has the capability to store net pricing and enriched product data and images.

“Net pricing is key information that distributors need in the Industry Data Warehouse to become more efficient and effective in the marketplace. We understand that providing this information to the IDW is a hurdle for many manufacturers, but we know that our suppliers can rise to the challenge," said Todd Kumm, IDEA Vice Chair and president & COO of Dakota Supply Group in Fargo, ND.

Manufacturers who would like to learn more about providing net pricing to the IDW2 should contact Marceline Rogers, IDW2 Tech Support Manager, at (703) 841-5923 or