As a group dedicated to examining industry trends and the specific needs of the industrial pipe, valves and fittings market, ASA's IPD enjoys the participation of more than 50 wholesalers and 20 manufacturing companies. Through the input of the IPD Executive Council members, who poll their industry peers on a regular basis, the Division publishes reports on key commodity areas twice annually for the benefit of its members. Reports in the areas of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fittings and Valves provide a detailed look at what's happening to influence the sales, availability and cost of raw goods in these key areas.

Members of the IPD began to widen their scope in 2003, working with the ASA Education Foundation to ensure that industrial PVF-specific material is included in the product knowledge training tools that the Foundation develops.

In addition, the IPD Executive Council members this year coordinated efforts with SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES to sponsor a survey of IPD distributors designed to determine industrial PVF trends, and how both SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES and ASA could increase the value of their programming in the industry.

During the ASA Convention, the IPD breakfast featured a presentation by popular speaker Scott McKain entitled, "All Business is Show Business," which was sponsored by NIBCO, Inc. Also during the Convention, Jim Olsztynski, editor of SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES, moderated a panel discussion called "Global Sourcing and the PVF Channel," featuring a mix of wholesalers, manufacturers and product end-users.