I have some exceptions to what was written in "The Commercial-Institutional Marketplace" in the April issue.

Our company derives a large portion of our volume from the commercial-institutional, new construction, plumbing and PVF market. We are probably close to or in the top tier of percent coming from that arena. I don't find it unusual for wholesalers not to subscribe to Dodge or other services. With the number of jobs we quote each month, we feel that we have a chance of getting them in the end. Our salesmen keep in contact with their customers on jobs they are bidding on a regular basis. They pick up specs or have them sent in to us and we help them get the jobs. We could not handle additional information from a reporting service about possible jobs that may or may not be quoted by our customers.

As to calling on specifiers, we have always relied on manufacturers and reps to do that job. They have a much greater knowledge of their products. We have always had a tight relationship with them and communicate regularly. They have become an extension of our company and we work with them to get additional business.

We do belong to and participate in ASPE as well as other associations to be sure our name is recognized. We do this to show our support for the industry, our contractors and engineers.

The reps and manufacturers in our area support us and we support them. They are not our competition. If we allow them to work with us, we can do well with pricing and profits.

There are some who go around us, but most contractors won't support them. Our customers want the service and support that the reps and manufacturers cannot give them on a regular basis.

Stanley Dreyfuss, Director of Purchasing
SG Supply Co., Calumet Park, Ill.