Taco announced a restructuring of its sales and marketing department. The company formed two separate divisions, commercial and residential, which have always had a different customer, distribution and support base.

Tom Lawrence, senior vice president, is head of commercial sales and marketing. Residential sales and marketing is led by Bob Coons, senior vice president, who will continue to have responsibility for Taco Canada.

In other news, the company has reissued a specification data sheet for its Zone Control Family line of products. It provides information on Taco's line of switching relays, zone valve controls, priority zoning circulators, fan and add-on controls. Also, it has issued an updated version of its LoadMatch® System brochure, providing information on the LoadMatch single pipe system for hydronic applications, and specifically for use in Green Buildings. The new 12-page brochure mentions materials, energy usage, design and installation time savings. To obtain a copy of either brochure visit www.taco-hvac.com .