AirAdvice recently signed on three major East Coast HVAC distributors: S.G. Torrice Co., Universal Supply Group and Virginia Air Distributors. These three companies joined the AirAdvice HVAC-IAQ Program to help their contractors increase sales and improve profit margins with indoor air quality.

S.G. Torrice Co., Wilmington, Mass., an American Standard dealer, has eight locations in the New England area and an Indoor Air Quality Division led by Brian Piotte, product manager. His IAQ growth plan includes diagnosis, recommendations and contractor education. “With the 13 SEER deadline approaching, we want to help our dealers differentiate and offer unique value to consumers,” said Piotte. Contractor training is also being done at Universal Supply Group, Hawthorne, N.J., which has branches in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Virginia Air Distributors, based in Richmond, Va., with 13 locations in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, signed on with the AirAdvice program to “help contractors run better businesses, be more profitable and sell more product,” said Chris Baker, vice president.