iCode, a provider of business application suite solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced the company has changed its name to Everest Software Inc. “Changing the company name represents another milestone for us as we continue to gain market share and broaden our product offering in the wholesale/distribution and retail markets,” said James E. McGowan, president and CEO of Everest Software. McGowan added, “We believe the Everest Software name has greater meaning to our customers and prospects.” Everest enables businesses to track and manage key operations from a single interface.

In other news, the company introduced Everest Advanced™ 3.0. The new version is a single, integrated database for SMBs that have outgrown QuickBooks or Peachtree software, according to David Gutch, senior vice president. It offers advancements in its accounting, inventory, analytics and performance features based on the needs of its target audience. Also included are the new Software Development Kit (SDK) and Form Designer, which gives channel partners the ability to fully-customize Everest to meet their customers' specific requirements.

“It is an all-in-one software solution for SMBs,” said Ali Jani, co-founder and senior vice president/product management, in an interview with SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES. “It has business and scalability together that creates a definite balance. It's specific for each user.”

It streamlines communications among divisions, he noted, adding, “The system will eventually help with choosing what is needed based upon previous orders.”

The new version provides customers across the wholesale/distribution and retail markets with a way to view and manage their business from the storefront to the front- and back-office on a faster level. For more information, visit www.everestsoftwareinc.com.