A new master distributor of stainless-steel products, Sunbelt Stainless Product, a division of the Atlanta-based manufacturers rep firm Sunbelt Marketing, has opened shop in Georgia, Florida and Texas.

A new master distributor of stainless-steel products has opened shop in Atlanta, Tampa, Fl., and Dallas. Sunbelt Stainless Product is a division of the Atlanta-based manufacturer's rep firm Sunbelt Marketing.

The new organization specializes in imported stainless products, said Joe Clover. His extensive background in the industrial-PVF business gave him an instant customer base. "We were instantly profitable," he noted. "Our product mix is somewhat different from most master distributors. We'are able to offer what is probably the most diverse inventory around - products such as tube fittings, pressure tube fittings, swage lock-type fittings."

Clover plans to open additional facilities on the West Coast and in the Midwest. "We are going to be a national company. I think we're in for a pretty good run."

Sunbelt Stainless Product can be reached at 404/696-3436; fax 404/699-3177. Its address is 610 Waterfront Dr., Atlanta, GA 30336.