Our newest course designed to train and test new (and sometimes not so new) employees in the Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution is on track for completion at the end of October. So far, 4 of the 12 planned chapters are in draft form. They include an overview of distribution, the importance of the PHCP industry and a primer on the economics of the industry. Chapters on pricing, competition, customer service and the incredible power of a single individual to impact profits are in development.

Those of you who have long wished for employees who understand why profits are necessary, why giving an extra discount kills profits, and what the difference is between margin and markup will soon have an ideal tool to train, test and recognize employees in these and many other critical areas.

To help the industry get started with this program the ASAEF will be hosting a Train the Trainer workshop for this exciting program at the ASA Convention in October - yet another opportunity to profit tremendously from our Annual Convention.