Every day, we receive promotional emails attempting to entice us to visit, shop and purchase branded products. Countless companies employ a "pushing, pushing, pushing" product approach, emphasizing style and price, hoping that one will motivate us to delve deeper. But, is that rare brand dive really enough? What are these mega brands are trying to “teach” us? The answer, my friends, lies at the bottom of email and on their home page. "Please visit our elegant store and let our talented design team help you create.”


From CB2:


We've designed it all – from studio apartments to rental homes abroad

OUR design specialists have the tools to make it happen for you, too.

From West Elm:

From quick styling tips to home makeovers, our design experts are here to help. Pick the best appointment option for you:

In store

At home


From Restoration Hardware:

“RH interior design is your resource for creating inspired spaces guided by the Rh design ethos and informed by architecture the landscape in human scale we can see timeless environments that reflect how you want to live indoors and out. Request a design consultation.”


These highly successful home design brands effectively utilize their products to spark interest and then rely on their well-trained employees to win customers over. They understand that home design enthusiasts, whether amateurs or professionals, value well-designed products and are always on the lookout for sales. However, they also recognize that even professionals seek the expertise, guidance, and personal connection that come from interacting with knowledgeable individuals, especially when it comes to products like bathroom or kitchen faucets and shower systems that need to be specified and installed correctly while functioning flawlessly.

A bathroom faucet, kitchen faucet, or shower system must consistently turn on, offer specific temperature adjustment, and a perfect stream. In situations where this does not occur, there many possibilities to consider. Is it an installation issue? Perhaps the individual products are not compatible with each other? Might one of the products be defective? In such circumstances, it is crucial for the client to seek assistance from a trusted individual rather than getting caught in the frustrating cycle of each brand blaming the other. They require the expertise and guidance of a knowledgeable and trustworthy person. Do you have such experienced individuals in your showroom?

Knowing this, why are you not constantly reminding the world that your team knows how to craft, source and support incredible kitchens and bathrooms at no extra cost?

In every remodel, multiple brands are involved and those products must be evaluated and coordinated for look, function and quality. This is why a passionate customer knows they can benefit from a talented consultant by their side. That consultant can be the reason people work with your showroom.

Today, most showrooms present a similar collection of brands, product applications and dates top designer websites are right in step. With many similar options, most customers will continue to use their same showroom or take the easiest route possible. You have to have to educate them that working with your people will be a better experience and deliver a better result. Better how? Better by being managed and staffed by knowledgeable, incisive and engaging people.

How can you educate your targeted customers about your over-the-top talented showroom team?

The simple answer is everywhere you place and promote your brand. Many showrooms shout out “We have all the brands you need including XXX, YYY, ZZZ…” They share this on every print and banner ad, social media posting and on their email runners. That story is old, boring and offers very little differentiation from all the other decorative plumbing suppliers fighting to win new customers. This boring -sameness, opens the door for your progressive showroom to start promoting your people as often as possible. Let the others talk about brands while you educate the market on how your team can work with them to create amazing spaces.

Here are few quick, easy ways to get the word out:

  • Change your company email runner to: Please visit our showroom and meet our Showroom team. They pride themselves in helping designers and engaged homeowners create beautiful bathrooms that really work;
  • On your website;
  • On the top banner menu of your web page create a link to ‘Design Services;”
  • On the Design Services” page note what your team does: Knowledgeable, listen, work with the best…, etc. Add testimonials here;
  • Add a Meet the Team page described on our home page;
  • Set an image of each person with a simple, unique bio;
  • On the bottom runner add the links to the team page and Design Services; and
  • Once a month each showroom consultant makes a 30-second video for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn… It can cover a trend, new or old, a new product, or an exciting application.

The primary objective is to make your showroom stand out to your targeted new customers and continually reinforce the excellence of your team to existing customers.

The underlying fact is that designers, builders and homeowners are not out there searching for brands; they are looking to create beautiful functional bathrooms and high-style kitchens. In every remodel multiple brands are involved, and those products must be evaluated and coordinated for look, function and quality. This is why a passionate customer knows they can benefit from a talented consultant by their side. That consultant can be the reason people work with your showroom.

Ultimately, individuals do not form profound connections with products or brands; rather, they build relationships with other people. If you make the effort to educate your targeted market about how talented your team is and allow your people a platform to speak to your targeted market, you will elevate your business beyond the mundane realm of showrooms that merely offer aesthetically pleasing faucets. Your showroom with its exceptional team you have will stand out in the crowd.