SIMFLO, a provider of industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural-use pumps, has announced significant changes to the company’s senior leadership team, along with its continued focus on growth and expansion. Effective Jan. 1, Troy Pickering, who formerly served as SIMFLO’s executive vice president, was named CEO; Woody Boyd, who serves as president, was named president and CFO; and Jay Tando, who formerly served as SIMFLO’s vice president of operations and production, was named COO.

As CEO, Pickering will set precedence for SIMFLO’s working culture and environment, develop and maintain strategic relationships with key customers and suppliers, and identify and execute both short and long-term company strategic plans and objectives. Pickering has been employed with SIMFLO for 11 years, where he’s held various roles within its sales, marketing, and senior management departments.

As president and CFO, Boyd will continue to establish and carry out organizational and departmental procedures, goals, and policies, implement strategic plan objectives, direct budgetary and financial activities, and oversee finance, legal, human resources, and technology functions. Boyd has been actively involved with SIMFLO since 2007 and has served as its president since 2018. Under his leadership as president, SIMFLO has experienced its most successful growth period in the company’s 72-year history.

As COO, Tando will be responsible for day-to-day company operations and management over team members related to production, engineered applications, and engineering. He will also lead the company’s growth initiatives through new product offerings and engineering technologies. Tando has been employed with SIMFLO for six years, and has more than 30 years of total operational experience with some of the industry’s leading pump companies.

These key senior leadership appointments come right as SIMFLO is wrapping up construction on its new state-of-the-art 35,000-square-foot Engineered Products Facility, located at 605 26th Street in Lubbock, Texas, adjacent to SIMFLO’s existing headquarters and manufacturing campus.

As the largest turbine pump test facility in North America, SIMFLO’s new Engineered Products Facility contains wells up to 80 feet deep where vertical and submersible turbine pumps are tested at their full capacity. It also features a one-of-a-kind on-site witness test experience complete with a full view of the test lab and digital read-outs, which are also available remotely. Also included are private and collaborative office spaces to house SIMFLO’s experienced engineering and engineered applications teams, state-of-the-art training facilities, a reception area, and sought-after industrial features such as LED lighting, and smartphone-powered access. Its manufacturing floor contains multiple heavy-duty overhead cranes with hook heights exceeding 45 feet, as well as oversized industrial automatic steel roll-up doors. Rounding out the facility is a sustainable landscape design with drought-tolerant trees, native shrubs, grasses, and water-conservation technologies.
 “We are extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of growth and success our company has experienced over the past few years, and none of this would be possible without the continued commitment, hard work, and sacrifices made by our talented team members,” said SIMFLO’s board of directors in a statement. “Troy, Woody, and Jay’s appointments as CEO, president/CFO, and COO are an integral piece of a bigger vision for SIMFLO as we continue to evolve to best-serve the modern marketplace and continue our industry-leading position as the nation’s #1 manufacturer of best-in-class pump products and technologies for major industrial users.”

SIMFLO engineers, manufactures, sources, and delivers best-in-class pump products and technologies for major industrial users, including municipal water services, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and saltwater extraction. Founded in 1951, SIMFLO operates three locations in Texas, Arizona and Kansas.