LPG announced growth of over 38% for 2021, establishing a record during one of the most challenging years in the industry. To compliment this promising growth, the organization has added new executive team members and is slated to add new vendor partners in early 2022.  

“This year was particularly challenging, and our partners, while growing at an impressive pace, had to endure some of the most difficult obstacles in supply chain and talent management. Despite the difficult circumstances, we pulled together and supported each other as best possible.  I am confident our people will enter 2022 more prepared and able to handle the challenges we will face,” said Jeff MacDowell, executive director.

Kaitlyn Isola, Director of Marketing for IMARK Plumbing, added, “As we learn from the obstacles presented to us in recent years, my goal is to provide our members with the training and marketing materials needed to foster additional growth and continued success. Our members are strong, adaptable and resilient and I look forward to taking what was learned in 2021 and building a strong strategy from it.”