Every day, ASA members work hard to ensure that their employees are safe at work by teaching and learning, making safety goals, setting and following rules, and by watching out for each other.

As a token of recognition in those efforts, ASA honors distribution and manufacturing members for their above and beyond commitment to the health and safety in their workplaces, by presenting the ASA Safety Award.

Each year, ASA members compete for the award by submitting an application and their prior year’s incident rate (300A form). Thank you to all those that participated in the ASA Safety Award competition, and to all those who help form ASA's safety culture and education through volunteerism, and support through such efforts as its Safety Recognition Program.

At NETOWRK2021 in Las Vegas, ASA announced the following winners for the 2020 ASA Safety Award:

  • Coastal Supply Group;
  • Woodhill Supply;
  • The Collins Companies;
  • First Supply; and
  • NIBCO.