AD’s PHCP Business Unit hosted its 2021 AD PCHP Spring Network Meeting in a virtual format, welcoming about 160 independent distributor members from its U.S.-based Plumbing, PVF, HVAC and AD Decorative Brands divisions. The agenda was packed with AD leadership and program manager-led business meetings, panel discussions with member and supplier CEOs and best-practice-sharing member networking meetings.

Jeffrey Beall, AD PHCP Business Unit president, greeted members and provided updates at a joint business meeting along with panelists from AD programs and services. Beall credited much of the collective success of the group to dedication to what he referred to as TLC: thinking, listening and communicating.

“I was inspired to hear how many companies were including staff that they could not normally have had attend an in-person meeting,” Beall noted. “To be able to share our messages and communicate the AD value with entire organizations made this meeting extra meaningful.  We were humbled by the fact that member leaders took time out of their organizations’ busy day-to-day business to become more fully engaged as a company.”

AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg shared with PHCP members his perspective on the value of relationships cultivated over time within the AD community.

“It is motivating and encouraging to see the perseverance and nimbleness of independents, given the challenges we’ve all faced,” Weisberg said. “The well-established business partnerships and true friendships forged over the years were proven to be valuable assets to overcoming adversity for so many of our members who relied on each other for advice and best-practice sharing. The network of AD members, suppliers and staff is strong and only continues getting stronger,” commented Weisberg. “I’m grateful to see how we’ve all relied on each other.”

Justin Dunscomb, president of Plumbing and PVF divisions in the U.S., noted that the ability to hear from many unique voices and subject-matter experts made for a much more productive engagement.

“I always appreciate being able to reach out to the talented group of divisional board members I work with, to have them deliver their unique messages,” Dunscomb said. “I have great friends and resources in Doug Riley, president and CEO of Thos. Somerville Co., our Plumbing Division board chair and Todd Ford the president/CEO of Central States Group, our PVF Division board chair. They do an amazing job hearing, communicating and conceptualizing the collective member message, and working with us to develop continuous deliverable action items for us to achieve.”

In the HVAC Division business meeting, Randy Lee, division vice president, emphasized the AD fundamental to look and think ahead, highlighting the strategic way the division’s members are working to realize the achievement of their five-year strategic plan. Lee credits this forethought in part to the close alignment with and direction from HVAC board chair Brian Schlise, director of operations and part sales of The Habegger Corporation, and the entire board.

“It’s always great to be able to deliver good news when it comes to overall business and the growth of the division,” Lee said. “One thing I have learned, though, is that you can never rest on your laurels. We have an aggressive bunch of members and suppliers who are always looking for new and exciting ways to partner and grow business. Programs like AD eCommerce and the newly launched AD Rewards incentive program are designed to do just that.”

AD Decorative Brands Division membership heard updates from a bevy of strong industry leaders during their business meeting, according to Director Linda Hoff.

“It is so important for members to hear the current state of business from various locations throughout the country,” Hoff said. “Listening to peers tell their story of overcoming challenges and the success of innovative solutions greatly benefits the collective.” 

The two-day long event ended with CEO sessions and member networking. The first of the sessions, "Leading on the Forefront of the New Normal," was expertly facilitated by Dr. Don McNeeley, president and COO of Chicago Tube & Iron and AD board director. In the second session, Capitalizing on Opportunities for Growth, meeting attendees were able to hear from distributor CEOs on ways they have used the past year to find creative ways to problem solve and get better as organizations, utilizing tools like eCommerce.

Beall praised the sessions. “We put these meetings on the agenda with high hopes about what our members wanted to hear during our time together, and the product produced far exceeded my high expectations,” he said. “The members and suppliers we have within our community are the true talent of the meeting and the team could not be more pleased to be able to tap into that wisdom and share it with the group.”