Winsupply's Local Company Group announced the promotions of three of Winsupply’s local company presidents to the roles of area leaders. Area leaders are responsible for mentoring and providing consulting expertise to 620 local companies that make up the Winsupply Family of Companies.

The promotions of the three individuals comes at the upcoming retirement of long-time Winsupply area leader, Mike Larkin. Larkin will retire at the end of June after 44 years at Winsupply.

Eric Leatherman, previously president of Lincoln Winwater (Nebraska), has been named one of the new area leaders, effective immediately, and will be responsible for local companies in states in the northern plains and Upper Midwest.

David Benton, president of Macon Noland (Ga.), will become area leader effective May 1, helping oversee local companies in the Southeast.

Steve Lyon, president of Winsupply of Orlando (Fla.), has been named area leader, also serving local companies in the Southeast. Lyon’s appointment is also effective May 1.

“All three of these gentlemen share a key set of qualities,” said Winsupply Local Company Group President Rob Ferguson. “They care about helping people reach their goals. They’re passionate about sales and growing their businesses profitably. They all have great relationships with other local company presidents, their vendors and customers in their markets. They want to give back and share the Winsupply ‘Spirit of Opportunity’ with others.”