Over the past eight months, the HARDI team has worked to develop and design a brand new HARDI website.

“It has been nearly 6 years since our previous website launch, and we felt it was time for an upgrade. As we continue to try and provide members with best-in-class services and timely resources, we needed a better platform to easily publish and share various information. The new site has been simplified and streamlined to allow individuals a better user experience,” said HARDI’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Chris DeBoer.

The new website is expected to go live April 13th. Upgrades include:

  • Simplified navigation — The new site features a simplified navigation system that allows individuals to quickly access membership information, HARDI Services, Resources/Content, event details and to learn more about the association;
  • Totally searchable site content —HARDI’s new site now has a global search functionality. This new functionality allows site users to type any keywords or topics he/she is looking for in the top right corner of the site and a list of pages, posts, videos and any other items will populate. This should make it much simpler for users to find what they are looking for quick and easy;
  • Individualized member portal — All members, who have emails listed in HARDI’s CRM, will be able to log on to the new site to see a customized portal. This portal allows members to select content categories they wish to subscribe to, view past benchmarking reports, update their member account record and more; and
  • Added aewsfeed — The new HARDI site features an industry newsfeed on the homepage and member portal pages. Users can check the site regularly to stay current on member and industry news and happenings.

The site URL will not change. Users can still access the site at https://hardinet.org/