The new Watts Pronto! line of adjustable cleanouts are a durable, aesthetically appealing cleanouts that ease of installation and simple leveling for all floor finishes, the company notes. Available in PVC and cast iron, the Pronto! line enables post-pour adjustment and quick installation.

The cleanouts feature a patented integrated bubble level concrete cover for a level installation and to protect the cleanout while pouring concrete. The product is pre-packaged with shims for tilt correction to create a professional finish.  

Pronto! cleanouts are designed for light to medium duty commercial and residential use.

They are available in two durable nickel-bronze cover sizes with five and six-inch diameters and a five-inch stainless option. They include pipe connections of two, three, and four inches and come complete with an anchor flange, with up to 1-1/2-inch pre-pour and 1-inch post-pour adjustability.

PCV models feature a solvent weld or no-hub outlet connection and cast-iron models feature a no-hub or push-on outlet connection. A stainless-steel clamping collar ring is available as an optional accessory. Both models come out of the box completely assembled.