In this age of al fresco entertaining and social distancing, Ruvati’s Merino collection of marine-grade stainless steel sinks is the perfect solution for backyard gatherings and barbecues, the company says. Designed specifically for outside kitchens and boat decks, this durable sink withstands the elements with ease while maintaining a beautiful brushed finish, Ruvati notes. Thoughtful, built-in accessories turn the Merino sink into a true culinary workstation that is sure to be appreciated by outdoor chefs everywhere, it adds.

The premium T-316 stainless steel is geared for heavy-duty use without denting or bending, and is extremely resistant to corrosion and rusting even in saltwater environments, Ruvati notes.

The Merino Collection includes sinks in three sizes – 15" x 15", 15" x 20" and 21" x 20". The sink sits solidly on the countertop with a drop-in topmount installation and features SoundGuard undercoating and thick rubber NoiseDefend padding to minimize noise and reduce condensation. The sink bowl is 9" deep and comes with a stainless-steel bottom rinse grid and a basket strainer drain assembly. A durable commercial-grade brushed finish makes the sink easy to clean and coordinates well with other appliances, Ruvati says.

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