Registration is now open for ASA's one-of-a-kind event, featuring a David Kohler keynote address, plus new virtual trade show.

As the saying goes, out of the ashes, a phoenix will rise. While the American Supply Association was forced to cancel its highly successful in-person NETWORK event this year, ASA leadership has approved plans to offer an exciting virtual conference — and not just another flat, dull Zoom format!    

October 7-8, NETWORK2020 Virtual will offer all employees of ASA member companies a combination of live and on-demand educational sessions, virtual face-to-face wholesaler-distributor and vendor conference appointments, and complete access to an all-new ASA virtual trade show, showcasing new products and services of ASA Supplier Partner companies.

ASA also announced it will charge a low registration fee of $99 (in the form of a donation to either ASA’s Building One Future Fund or the ASA Education Foundation’s Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund) that will provide access to NETWORK2020 Virtual for every employee of an ASA member company.

NETWORK 2020 Virtual will offer:

  • One flat $99 company registration fee that allows all ASA member company employees to have access to the complete program
  • Five live and exciting sessions, including Kohler Co. President and CEO David Kohler’s keynote and the 2021 industry forecast from ASA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl;
  • Five on-demand educational sessions;
  • Virtual face-to-face wholesaler-distributor and vendor conference appointments; and
  • Access to the all-new ASA virtual trade show.

Visit the NETWORK2020 Virtual website that provides detailed descriptions of the compete program. Access the complete NETWORK2020 Virtual brochure.
Registration for NETWORK2020 Virtual is now open. For wholesaler-distributor registration details, click here. For manufacturer registration details, click here.