The American Supply Association (ASA) recently provided comments to Pennsylvania Senator Robert Tomlinson regarding Pennsylvania SB 1099 — Pennsylvania Energy Water Efficiency Standards Act.

SB 1099, which the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee will be considering, provides proposed amendments to the efficiency standards of plumbing products sold in the state.

ASA supports the proposed energy standards for plumbing products that are in line with the flow rates of the EPA WaterSense program.

However, ASA, in its letter, raised two significant concerns related to SB 1099:

1. Effective date: ASA believes a “sold by” date places excessive costs and hardship on ASA members and recommends the standards only apply to products manufactured on or after Jan. 1, 2022, which would allow for a smooth transition.

2. Lack of public input: ASA is concerned with proposed text that gives the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission the authority to establish increased efficiency standards for products listed in Section 3402, and those not specifically listed, without public input. ASA recommends PPUC should be required to seek public input on any proposed amendment to appliance efficiency standards for a period of no less than 45 days, which is common practice in other states.

To read the entire letter to Senator Tomlinson, click here.

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